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In spite of your best efforts to take care of your braces, accidents happen. It can be the outcome of eating the improper kind of sticky or hard food, brushing too hard, or developing an injury inside your mouth. Sometimes, brackets break. Until you can see an orthodontist, there are some things you should do to protect against injury to your mouth and additional damage to your brackets.

Get in Touch With us

It’s important that you contact your orthodontist immediately no matter what caused your bracket to break. When you are explaining how your bracket was damaged and what kind of damage resulted, you need to be as accurate as you can. All of this vital information is needed so that your orthodontist can ascertain whether you need to be examined right away.

The problem, in many cases, will be easily solved by repositioning the wires and bracket. In other situations, the bracket and wires may have to be replaced, which will take a while. Meanwhile, your orthodontist can make certain that there aren’t other concerns with your braces that will cause you pain or discomfort. We might ask you to come in to see us as soon as possible depending on the cause and severity of your bracket damage.

Evaluate The Damage

You should figure out if the bracket is still attached to the wire. If it is, then simply leave it alone. But, if it is attached and sticking out, you can try to gently nudge it back into position. You can secure it with some orthodontic wax until you can come in. For a bracket that has become entirely dislodged, you should take it out of your mouth and take it with you to your consultation with your orthodontist. When you get there, you can have it reattached to your tooth.

Uncomfortable Wires Should be Snipped Away

Your mouth can be hurt by wires which are dislodged and are sticking out and they should be trimmed away. Trimming the wires as close to your teeth as possible can be done with nail clippers. Any leftover length of wire can be cautiously folded away and coated with orthodontic wax to shield your lips and gum tissue.

Be Very Careful

Until you can go in to consult your orthodontist, you should be careful not to do any more harm to your braces and mouth. You might need to adhere to soft foods or liquids. In order to help healing, deal with any cuts or sores in your mouth with a medical mouth wash or warm salt water.

A broken braces bracket is not necessarily an emergency. However, if you are having any issues with your braces, such as a broken bracket, you should get in touch with your orthodontist as soon as possible.

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