It is natural, even expected, to experience some discomfort when your braces are originally put on your teeth. The week after you have your braces put in will be the period of the worst discomfort.

It might also be hard to chew comfortably after that initial period of pain and discomfort. Chewing solid foods can cause a dull ache that may persist for several hours after you have finished eating. It’s best to stick with softer foods during this time period.

In order to be certain that your teeth are being moved in the proper direction, your orthodontist will have to make adjustments to your braces every few months. You may also experience some discomfort for a few days after these appointments.

You need to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist if the pain is intolerable or you have bleeding which is being caused by your braces. If you’re going through the ordinary pain, here are a few tips to cope with it.

Don’t Pick at Your Braces

You may be tempted to try to make the location of the wires or brackets more comfortable by manipulating your braces. But, this can bring about injuries to the interior of your mouth. You may also wind up needing to wear your braces for a longer period and having to return to the orthodontist.

Avoid Moving Your Lips Constantly

When you are wearing braces, you might be tempted to move your lips around a lot, especially immediately after the braces are first installed. However, further pain and irritation can result from moving your lips against the rough surface of the braces.

Use Dental Wax

The sensitive areas of the mouth can be safeguarded by a buffer of dental wax that is provided by your orthodontist. As an example, so that you can save your lips from being rubbed raw, you can place some of the wax on the wires and brackets. A sufficient amount of wax can also be put directly on the inside of your lips until they get used to the braces.

Pain Medication Can Help

Over-the-counter pain medicines should be enough to help with any minor soreness you might be suffering from. If the medication is meant for a child, be sure that the dosage you give is appropriate for the size and age of the child.

Be Mindful of How You Sleep

While you have your braces, try not to sleep on your face. This will cause your lips to press into your braces, which will result in both sore lips and teeth. Sleep in positions that refrain from putting pressure on your face, like on your back or side.

If you are having excessive difficulty with your braces, be sure to contact your orthodontist. You can’t get rid of all the discomfort of wearing braces but you can decrease it with practical management.