Adult Braces: Get the Smile You Deserve

Good news: It’s never too late to benefit from orthodontic treatment and to achieve the winning smile you deserve. Don’t let an improper bite or a crooked smile hold you back! At Parkland Orthodontics, we have patients of all ages. Even better news: Orthodontic treatment isn’t what it was when you were growing up. The latest orthodontic care is more discreet, more comfortable, and takes less time to see results.

Be Your Best at Every Age

Ever hear of a “brace lift”? Braces not only help make your smile more beautiful, they help facial aesthetics that can make you appear more youthful. A restructured smile can help prevent cheeks from caving in and dark triangles from forming within the corners of the mouth, typical hallmarks of aging. Broad smiles help support the soft tissues of the facial structure, a phenomenon known as “the brace lift.”

Am I too old for Braces?

People of any age can turn to orthodontic treatment and get their teeth aligned. There are multiple factors that have an impact on your orthodontic treatment and age is not one of them. If you have bite issues or other dental imperfections, it is crucial to fix them before they turn worse as you age. So as your gums and jaw bone structure are strong enough, age is just a number for your orthodontic treatment.

Brace Yourself

Braces can improve the health, aesthetics and function of your mouth. You have lots of options, including:

  • Orthodontic Braces– Traditional, orthodontic metal braces, which you might think of as “railroad tracks,” use light wires to apply constant force to gently and progressively move teeth. Metal braces are smaller than ever!
  • Lingual Braces– Like orthodontic braces, lingual braces use a wire system to gradually tighten and straighten teeth. Bonus: They’re applied to the back of your teeth, making them less visible when you smile, compared to metal braces.

  • Invisalign– Invisalign straightens your teeth without visible wires. It’s a system of clear aligners that gradually move the teeth into position. You can remove the aligners to brush, floss and eat. You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. They’re comfortable, too!
  • Damon Braces– The Damon system uses light titanium wires to apply constant force to teeth to gently and progressively move them. After 10 weeks or so, the wires are changed to a slightly stronger wire to keep teeth moving towards the end goal.

Which braces are best for you? It can depend on the severity of your orthodontic problem. We can help you make the best choice for your situation and the most effective results.

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