Early Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment helps to ensure the permanent teeth of a child come out correctly. It helps in reducing the chances of teeth alignment problems, like crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or huge gaps between teeth. Early treatment, also known as Phase 1 of Orthodontic treatment, can start at the young age of 7 years when the permanent teeth have just started.

What are the benefits of early treatment?

Early treatment is a great way to detect any orthodontic problems that your child might be developing in their mouth. If these issues are addressed early, your child would be saved from having misaligned teeth for a lifetime. With early orthodontic treatment, your child will have a perfect smile that would increase their confidence. Apart from this, there are multiple benefits of properly aligned teeth- it improves your child’s speech and lowers the chances of decay. A good teeth alignment also improves their bite, which helps your child to chew their food better and helps in digestion. It also rectifies bad oral habits like thumb sucking and also proves helpful in reducing teeth grinding issues. Early orthodontic treatment guides your child’s permanent teeth to grow better so that they can have great oral health.

When to consider early orthodontic treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment is a good idea if the pediatric dentist notices some issues with your child’s teeth or jaw alignment after their permanent teeth have erupted. Phase I of orthodontic treatment helps start with the Phase II treatment, which includes braces initially and clear aligners later.

However, remember that not every child would need early treatment. So if you wish to know whether your child would need early orthodontic treatment or not, visit us at Parkland Orthodontics. We have experienced orthodontists here, would thoroughly check your child’s oral condition and decide the best treatment for them.

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