Do I have to wear retainers?

Retainers can be defined as custom-made devices that help to hold your teeth in place. Patients are often advised to wear retainers after orthodontic treatments like braces. It helps to keep your bite in place after it has been corrected. Initially, like any other orthodontic device, wearing a retainer can be an uncomfortable experience. But that is temporary and will go away as your mouth gets used to it.

What are the benefits of wearing a retainer?
  • After orthodontic treatment, your teeth might have gotten used to the pressure of aligners or braces. This can make the teeth shift naturally. Wearing a retainer helps to prevent that.
  • These are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly and comfortably.
  • These are very long-lasting and give effective results.
What are the types of retainers?

There are mainly three types of retainers:

  • Bonded retainers- These are generally attached to your teeth after the braces have been removed. It helps to keep the teeth in place for a few months post-treatment. It is recommended for those who need a follow-up orthodontic treatment.
  • Hawley retainers- This is a removable retainer that can be taken out while eating or for cleaning.
  • Clear plastic retainers- Also known as molded retainers, these are molded according to the new shape of your teeth to fit perfectly. These are virtually invisible, which has made them popular in recent times.
Are you a candidate for retainers?

If you have had braces taken off recently, your orthodontist might recommend wearing retainers to keep your teeth in the new position. People with overlapping teeth, crooked teeth, or those who have teeth with gaps between them can also benefit from retainers. It also helps to rectify mild bite issues.

Apart from retainers, we also offer other orthodontic appliances like Forsus, Herbst, and Separators or Spacers. To know more, you can give us a call at 754-529-8995. If you are looking for the best orthodontic treatment in Parkland, FL, contact us at Parkland Orthodontics. We have experienced dentists who will take care of your dental needs.

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