Know about the common orthodontic emergencies

If you have undergone any orthodontic treatment, there might be various components placed inside your mouth. This includes metals and wires. They are used for making your teeth straight and fixing your smile. But sometimes, orthodontic emergencies can occur, and you should know the right ways to deal with them.

Firstly, it is important to understand which orthodontic situations are listed under emergencies. For example, loose brackets or missing bands can be considered an orthodontic emergency, and in those cases, you should call us at our dentist office in Parkland, FL, immediately. But if you feel uncomfortable after wearing braces, it is quite normal. The discomfort would go away within a few days after your mouth gets adjusted with the appliance.

You might also experience mouth sores or irritations on your lip/cheek area after wearing the braces. This is not an orthodontic emergency. It can happen due to exacerbation of precipitation due to the irritation of braces. If you feel uncomfortable because of this, talk to your dentist, and he may give you some over-the-counter medication.

The orthodontic emergencies

Protruding wire: Sometimes, the wires might protrude out of the end of the braces and irritate your mouth. In such cases, try to use a Q-tip to push the wire back to being flat. If that cannot be done, you can cover the wire with some relief wax. If you are still uncomfortable, contact your dentist.

Loose components of braces: If any of the components of your braces have become loose, you should contact your orthodontist immediately to know about the next steps.

Swallowed piece of appliance: This orthodontic emergency is quite rare, but if it happens, that can be an alarming situation for the patient. Firstly the patient should try to remain calm and then contact their orthodontist without any delays.

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