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BRIUS Independent Movers™

Get Results in as Little as 4 Months!!

In just four simple steps, Brava’s transformative tech frees you to be you.

Who says straightening teeth has to be awkward, inconvenient and take forever? Independent Mover™ technology changes everything—hidden behind the teeth, it moves each tooth independently yet simultaneously for a more efficient solution in as few as four appointments.

How it Works:

So Many Benefits, So Little Compromise

With typical braces and aligners, patients and orthodontists can expect lots of check ups, adjustments, maybe a lost tray or two, and not a whole lot of fun. Brava is truly different. Great results. Faster. With less hassle.

Real People‍ Getting Real Results


“It’s changed my teeth so much with something that people don’t even know it’s there.”


“It’s (Brava) much more comfortable, not visible, fast and it’s easy to get used to it.”


“I’ve recently gotten SO many comments about how straight my teeth are!”

It’s a Movement Worth Joining

As our co-founder, Dr. Mehdi Peikar puts it, “We believe independent tooth movement will fundamentally change orthodontics.” We want to elevate the experience of straightening teeth and bring it into the future. One smile at a time. Join us!

A Paradigm Shift in Orthodontic Treatment at Pakrland Orthodontics

This patented biomechanical approach, only by Brius, allows your teeth to move both independently and simultaneously. Brius technology allows patients to see results in little as 4 months of orthodontic treatment!

Not Regular Braces, Not Aligners! These are Independent Movers™.

Brius Independent Movers are placed on the back of the teeth, this new orthodontic system provides aesthetics plus extreme clinical effectiveness, from simple to complex cases. As you can see, your teeth are not connected by a wire so the movement of one tooth does not influence another. This helps our orthodontist, Dr. Tania, with a perfect anchorage and precise movement delivering complete control, and effectiveness, and showing final results in as little as four months!