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There are many advantages to having straight teeth. It gives you the confidence to smile in public and reduces the chance of decay. Metal braces and Invisalign are the most popular orthodontic treatments available, and each of them has its share of advantages and disadvantages. While metal braces are visible, maintaining your oral hygiene with braces is harder. Invisalign is invisible, but you need to remove them when eating and brushing your teeth. If you forget to put your aligners back on, your treatment time will be delayed. InBrace or Lingual Braces will save you from these hassles. The InBrace Smart wire includes an intelligent design that helps align your teeth while being 100% invisible.

How does the InBrace work?

InBrace uses a nitinol wire, also known as shape memory wire. This is a smart material present in InBrace Smart wire. The wire applies continuous and light pressure to allow new bone to be placed while reabsorbing the old bone. InBrace uses a slim fit bracket that is low profile and friction-free. You can also floss normally with Inbrace brackets. One of its main focuses is to keep your teeth and gums healthy during the orthodontic process.

What can InBrace rectify?

InBrace can rectify several teeth alignment problems like:

  • Crowding – Do you have bunched up, overlapping, or rotated front teeth? These issues are also known as crowding, and brushing or maintaining the hygiene of such misaligned teeth can be tricky. InBrace can help to treat that.
  • Space – If you have big gaps between your teeth, the Smart wire can rectify that while being invisible.
  • Bite issues – These are common alignment problems and can affect your ability to eat well. It can also lead to digestive issues, as you will not be able to masticate your food properly. InBrace helps to rectify that.
What are the advantages of lingual braces?

The benefits of the lingual braces or InBrace are as follows:

  • Your teeth will get properly aligned without anyone knowing about it. Unlike metal braces (fully visible) or Invisalign, these braces are 100% hidden, which means you will be able to enjoy your social life without any worries.
  • The treatment is capable of addressing a variety of needs like crowded teeth, spacing issues, etc.
  • It will fit your lifestyle perfectly, as you will not have to worry about the visibility of regular braces.

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