Get Palate Expanders for your child at Parkland Orthodontics

Dental conditions like crossbites or a narrow upper jaw are quite common among children. However, there is nothing to worry about as orthodontic equipment like palate expanders can help to rectify these issues easily. The expanders are mostly used on pre-adolescent children but can also be applied to teens and adults. The palate expanders are used to expand the roof of your mouth slowly to widen up the upper jaw.

Why do you need a palate expander?

A palate expander can rectify a wide range of dental conditions, like:

  • It helps widen the jaws, which in turn helps make room for proper tooth alignment. A narrow jaw can cause crowded or crooked teeth, and it can even lead to impacted teeth due to the reduced gum space.
  • It also helps in rectifying crossbites, a dental malocclusion wherein the teeth in the upper jaws sit inside the lower ones. Crossbites can cause various problems like pain, tooth decay, and even sleep apnea if left untreated.
How Does a Palate Expander Work?

Have you seen a car jacket? A palate expander works just like that. It applies pressure to both the sides of your upper jaws, enabling it to move slowly apart. This widens the space in the upper jaws while keeping your joints intact. Your orthodontist will thoroughly check the conditions of your mouth to determine if you would need a palate expander. They will also keep you under constant observation and keep on upgrading your palate expander until they are satisfied with your final jaw expansion results.

It is essential to clean your palate expander properly to maintain oral hygiene. If your child is given an expander, ensure that they brush it whenever they brush their teeth. Also, talk to the orthodontist to know about food restrictions while wearing the expanders. Initially, anyone might feel some discomfort wearing them, but gradually the mouth will adjust with it. Contact us at Parkland Orthodontics today if you wish to know more about palate expander or want to get it for your kids!

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