When should my child see an orthodontist for the first time?

By age 7—that’s when the American Association of Orthodontists recommends children visit the orthodontist for the first time. At that point, your child still has lots of cute baby teeth. An early orthodontist visit–which is complimentary in our office–probably won’t lead to braces. But we can use technology to flag and correct emerging issues, such as crowding, crossbites and jaw problems. Timing is everything! If malocclusion is treated early, it’s less likely to develop into big problems that may require oral surgery by the time kids and teens are adults.

Braces for Kids- 7 to 10 Years Old

During phase one treatment, when some of your child’s permanent teeth have come in, we can treat existing or developing structural imbalances to improve your child’s mouth before permanent teeth come in. Braces aren’t necessarily used during this phase, but phase one can set the stage. Phase one is prime time to create space in your child’s mouth for his adult teeth or correct crowding or a crossbite.


Phase one treatment may reduce the need for complex orthodontic procedures, such as tooth extraction or oral surgery. It can also result in fewer orthodontic visits, shorter treatment times and lower expenses. Bottom line? Being proactive can pay off. It’s better to prevent a potential orthodontic problem than to treat it after it has developed.

Braces for Kids- 11 to 15 years old

Phase two is a good time for traditional metal braces or Invisalign (clear aligners), if your child needs them. During phase two, we’ll make sure your child has the correct bite. We focus on making sure your child’s back teeth are in the right alignment.


Early, multi-phase treatment may help your child avoid oral surgery later. It can also reduce the time your child may need to spend in full braces, which is easier on them during the self conscious teen years–and your budget! Overall, phase two treatment helps optimize the health and function of your child’s mouth. Our goal is to create a radiant smile that will remain stable throughout life.

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