The Damon Smile

Perfectly aligned teeth can give a proper reflection of your beautiful smile. With Damon Braces, you can now attain straighter teeth without the hassle and pain of traditional braces. One of the best things about the Damon System is that it uses gentle pressure and thus protects your overall dental health during treatment. The results from the Damon system have been quite impressive so far. It has gifted a lot of people with a natural-looking beautiful smile. It gives a fuller smile with a wider arch, which looks attractive and is known as the Damon Smile. Visit Parkland Orthodontics today to see if you are a good candidate for Damon Braces.

The available options

Damon Braces come in two variants- metal and clear. Unlike other clear braces that can get yellow over time, the Damon clear braces have no elastic ties, and hence eliminate any chance of staining. In addition, the clear option is nearly invisible, which means you can go out in public without worrying about your facial aesthetics; people will not notice that you are wearing them.


The Damon System comes with a lot of benefits like:

  • Damon braces are easy to maintain, as they come without the elastic ties that collect plaque. As such, your dental hygiene is easier to maintain.
  • The Damon system requires fewer office visits. This is the perfect addition to your busy schedule.

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