Retainers are designed to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy, but the initial question that most patients think about has nothing to do with function or aesthetics. Instead, the first question the majority of people ask about retainers is far more simple: how much does a retainer cost?

The answer can be a bit complex. Each mouth is unique. So as with any medical equipment, there are a significant number of variables. The typical cost, however, would practically be from $150 to $600. Your particular circumstance will influence the exact cost.

What is a Retainer?

A retainer is a dental apparatus used to keep your teeth in place for a wide variety of therapeutic reasons. The majority of retainers consist of some combination of clear molded plastic and metal wires to manipulate the position of your teeth.

Many models of retainer are made to be worn at only particular times and are removable. The most common such model of removable retainer is the Hawley retainer, which is composed of a wire frame and molded plastic bridge. When you’re brushing your teeth, flossing, or eating, you usually need to take out your removable retainer. But they need to be worn all of the rest of the time for the first year. These retainers will be worn at night only once the first year has passed.

Other retainers, called fixed retainers, are permanently attached to one position in the mouth (until we take them out for you).

What is The Cost of Retainers?

Depending on the style, function, and form, the cost will fluctuate. Your dental insurance plan will also effect your total personal costs. You can get a custom estimate by getting in touch with us.

General estimates for your retainer costs might be:

  • Clear retainers: Various teeth straightening programs use temporary transparent retainers to achieve results. These retainers will normally cost between $400 and $800 each. However, most such programs do not sell individual retainers only, except as replacements.
  • Hawley retainers: Most Hawley retainers cost anywhere between $150 and $600.
  • Fixed retainers: Generally, fixed retainers, which are completely attached to your teeth, cost between $150 and $500.

It’s significant to point out again that if you are interested in transparent aligners like Essix or Invisalign you will be required to purchase more than one retainer to achieve the goal of straightening your teeth. So you will be paying between $400-$800 for each new clear retainer that is required.

The prices of installation may or may not be covered in the price of your retainer. If braces are put in at the same time as retainers, these installation fees might be greatly reduced.

Coming to see us for an examination will give you a better idea of how much your insurance will cover and what your overall costs will be.

Is There Any Way of Reducing Costs?

There are several ways that you can minimize costs or increase value as much as you can when it comes to your retainers. Firstly, it’s essential to keep track of your retainer and do necessary maintenance and cleaning. In most cases, a broken retainer must be completely replaced, meaning you will pay the full price of the device once again.

In order to optimize the value of your retainer, you should:

  • Check with us for a custom estimate.
  • Your retainer could become uncomfortable or even useless if your teeth drift out of alignment because you’re not wearing your retainer as instructed. So make certain that you do.
  • Keep your teeth as healthy and clean as you can.
  • Make sure you are cleaning your retainer regularly (a solution of water, baking soda, and vinegar for 15 minutes once a week or so should do the trick).

Your dental health is significantly enhanced by retainers which makes them an invaluable investment. By keeping your teeth in-line, you are making them easier to clean and very likely steering clear of further dental damage in the future.

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