When you’re wearing braces, all of the brackets, wires, and bands can make you feel like correctly flossing your teeth might seem impossible. Nevertheless, because wearing braces gives plaque and tartar more places to hide, it’s important to floss while wearing braces.

In order to have the smile you want when you remove your braces, you need to pay attention to your oral hygiene while you have your braces on. In order to help make the job of staying mindful about flossing with braces easier, there are a few tips you can adhere to.

Flush Your Mouth Out

You can begin and end your oral health care routine by rinsing out your mouth with water, or better yet, a premium mouthwash. Any pieces of food that might be trapped in your braces can be loosened and flushed away by doing this.

Kids Might Need Help Flossing

If your young children are wearing braces, they may not have the manual dexterity necessary to effectively floss. While your children are flossing, have them sit in a bright and open area.

Use Waxed Floss

When wearing braces, the tools you use for flossing are extremely important. Wax floss, when contacting braces, isn’t as likely to rip or get snagged, making it the recommended choice. Waxed floss is also able to slip between your teeth more easily than non-waxed floss.

Cautiously Thread The Floss

When you are flossing, it will be necessary to get the floss past the wire of the braces. This can be done easily by using a floss threader. You can purchase this tool inexpensively at nearly any store which sells toothpaste and toothbrushes. It helps you delicately pull the floss above the braces wire and through the teeth in order to easily access the gum line.

Don’t Use The Wrong Type of Toothbrush

The correct brush is small, has bristles, looks rather like a Christmas tree, and is called an interproximal toothbrush. This brush is ideal for fitting up underneath the wire so you can clean in between the teeth. To use, move the bristles between your teeth and archwire to help with cleaning your teeth before you floss using waxed dental floss. This small device makes it easy to remove bits from your teeth and can be utilized in between your regular cleaning times.

Get a Water Flosser

Another way to floss, when you have braces, is to use a water flosser. Using this device, you can wash away excess food particles and bacteria with the orthodontic tip which shoots water. A water flosser may be perfect for you if you have a hard time using dental floss and is less of a hassle than threading floss between each bracket in your braces. Consider using fluoride mouthwash rather than using water to make your clean even better.

It’s important to have good oral hygiene specifically when you have braces. If you wear braces and you’re having trouble flossing, or you need better information about how to care for your teeth and gums when you are wearing braces, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your orthodontist or dentist.